Welcome to City Experiences Rewards!

Explore the world with us and earn points for your purchases to redeem on future experiences.

Here’s how it works:


We have something for every traveler, and you’ll start earning rewards with your next City Experiences purchase.


Earn 1 point for every $1 spent, and every 10 points is $1 off your next City Experiences qualifying purchase. The same ratio applies if you’re purchasing in £, €, or any other available currency.


Use your points on other exciting experiences and keep exploring with us. You can view your points in your account.

City Experiences Rewards FAQ

Program Overview

What is City Experiences Rewards?

City Experiences Rewards is a points-based rewards program in which each purchase with City Experiences earns the rewards member 1 point for every $1 spent. Every 10 points equals $1 off the member’s next purchase! 

What can I use my points on?

Only qualifying purchases from participating brands and products are eligible to earn and/or redeem points through the rewards program.

Current participating brands: 

  • City Cruises US 
  • City Cruises UK 
  • City Cruises Canada 
  • Niagara City Cruises 
  • Niagara Jet City Cruises 

All participating brands are for individual ticket purchases (1-19 tickets). 

Please review the Terms and Conditions for further information. 

What is excluded from the City Experiences Rewards program?

The following brands and products do not participate in the Rewards program and are not eligible to earn or redeem points.

Current non-participating brands: 

  • Walks
  • Devour Tours
  • New York City Ferry
  • HMS Ferries
  • Puerto Rico Ferry
  • Venture Ashore 
  • American Queen Voyages 
  • Journey Beyond
  • Statue City Cruises
  • Alcatraz City Cruises


      Current non-participating products or purchases: 

  • Bundle products 
  • Gift cards (including activations and reloads) 
  • Taxes 
  • Tips 
  • Service fees 
  • Landing or port fees 
  • Administrative fees 
  • Group bookings 
  • Private charter bookings 
  • Third-party partner bookings 
  • Ticket Assurance 
  • Alcohol purchases 
  • On-board purchases 

Sign Up

How can I join City Experiences Rewards?

Joining the program is free and available to any individual 18 years or older, who resides in a jurisdiction that legally permits participation in the program. During checkout, make sure to opt into the program when prompted prior to making your purchase.

Guests can also log in or sign up for a City Experiences Rewards account on the My Account page. You will be sent an email where you must confirm your identity to join. Please review the Terms and Conditions for further information.

Earning Points

What is a qualifying purchase?

A “qualifying purchase” means a purchase of any public public and participating experience offered for sale: 

  • Online at CityExperiences.com;
  • Through the City Experiences app;
  • Through phone reservations via our Contact Center;
  • At an in-person ticket booth

A qualifying purchase does not include sales tax, landing or other fees, insurance, Ticket Assurance, onboard purchases, or any portion of the transaction paid for with points and does not include any experience purchased through City Experiences’ charter or group sales or a non-participating website. Please review the Terms and Conditions for further information. 

When I make a purchase, how many points will I earn?

Members earn one (1) point for every net dollar spent (rounded to the nearest whole dollar) on all qualifying purchases. 

If an experience purchased through a qualifying purchase is canceled by any party, no points are earned on the transaction and it does not qualify as account activity. In addition, no-shows will not earn points and any points that may have been earned will be forfeit at the time of no-show. 

How are points earned if my purchase is in non-U.S. dollars?

If your purchase is in a currency other than U.S. dollars, points are awarded at the rate of one (1) point per one (1) unit of the currency the purchase is completed in. Please review the Terms and Conditions for further information.

Are my points available right after purchase?

Points become available to redeem within 24 hours after the end of the qualifying experience you purchased. When points are available to be redeemed, they will show up as “active.” Between purchase and the experience, points will show up as “pending.” 

Please note that if you purchase experiences that take place on multiple dates and/or times, points will become active at different times depending on when each experience ends. 

Do my points expire?

Points will expire after 12 consecutive months of account inactivity. Account inactivity is defined as a period of 12 consecutive months in which no points are earned or redeemed. Keeping your account active by earning points and redeeming points ensures your points don’t expire. 

Points are considered earned when they become active (after completing the experience you earned points on).  Points are redeemed after the experience purchased with points is completed. Cancellations and no-shows do not count as account activity.  

Redeeming Points

How do I redeem my points?

Points can be redeemed once they are active. The next time you’re shopping for an experience, you can log in to your account when prompted during the checkout process on our website or the City Experiences app. Once logged in, you can apply your rewards points towards your purchase! If you’re checking out over the phone or in-person at one of our ticket booths, make sure to provide your email to the crew member helping you complete your purchase when prompted.
Please note that points may only be redeemed for the purchase of an experience through a participating brand. Points may not be redeemed for the purchase of:
  • Bundle products 
  • Gift cards (including activations and reloads) 
  • Taxes 
  • Tips 
  • Service fees 
  • Landing or port fees 
  • Administrative fees 
  • Group bookings 
  • Private charter bookings 
  • Ticket Assurance 
  • Past purchases 
  • Alcoholic purchases 
  • On-board purchases 
If points are redeemed on a transaction and the transaction amount is refunded, the dollar value of the points will not be refunded. If an experience purchased through redeeming points is canceled by any party, then the number of points redeemed on the redemption transaction are forfeit and the transaction does not qualify as account activity. 

How are points redeemed for purchases in non-U.S. dollars?

If a member is redeeming points on a redemption transaction in a currency that is not in USD (U.S. dollars), then the points will be redeemed at a rate of one (1) unit of the purchase currency for every ten (10) active points.

Manage My Account

How can I access my account?

Members can view and track their points by logging in on the My Account page. When you enter your email, you will be prompted to use a magic link sent to the email submitted to confirm your account. 

Where can I find a full list of program terms and conditions?

This FAQ gives a brief overview of the City Experiences Rewards program and may not have the most updated information. For the most current, detailed, and accurate description of the program, please read the full Rewards Terms. The full terms and conditions for the City Experiences Rewards program can be found on the Terms and Conditions page.