Obtaining Your Green Card Through a Family Member

Green Card Through a Family MemberObtaining your United States green card (permanent residence) through a family member is a multi-step process that requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. There are various categories of relatives that can petition for family members to obtain their green cards. For U.S. citizens who petition for immediate relatives to receive residence in the U.S., there is no waiting period before the immediate relatives are allowed to obtain their green cards. Under the immigration laws, immediate relatives are spouses of citizens, children (under 21 years of age and unmarried) of citizens, and parents of citizens 21 years of age or older.

For other categories of relatives, there are waiting periods before the relative is allowed to enter the U.S. These waiting periods are laid out in the Visa Bulletin, which is published monthly by the government. In order to be eligible to obtain a green card, a relative’s “priority date” (the date an immigration petition was filed for him or her) must be before or the same as the date listed for that category of immigrants on the visa bulletin. For some categories of immigrants, a relative will be required to wait years before he or she is eligible to obtain his or her green card.

Are You Having Issues With Your Insurance Because of Your Personal Injury Claim?

Accident with two cars

Have you been into a car accident and been wondering if you would get a good amount on your personal injury claim from your insurance? If you are, then you might want to consider hiring a Los Angeles car accident lawyer as they can help you with the proper filing of your personal insurance claim.

The thing with filing it on your own is, most insurance companies might make it difficult by releasing a low claim especially if you don’t have any legal assistance to help you figure out how much you can actually get from your personal injury claims. Here’s the advantage of getting a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to help you with your personal injury claim: these attorneys know how much your claim is really worth? Did you think that the amount that the insurance company releases is the actual claimable amount that you really get with the contract? The sad fact is, it’s not. You have to remember that life insurance companies are also businesses who still have to maintain their income so there may be times that they will not release the right amount to you. This usually happens to those individuals who are not aware that they can have their car accident lawyers assist them with their claims! When it comes to filing for your insurance claims, your car accident lawyer can analyze the injuries that you are sustaining and they will be the ones to put value on your pain and suffering and then they will negotiate for your accident settlement. Sometimes it takes more than just filing the needed papers because you will really need to negotiate to get a fair amount that will be able to sustain you fully as you will be leaving work for some time to recover and would not get paid on those days! Car accident attorneys are already aware on how to handle cases of this nature and will get you the benefits that you truly deserve. They can even negotiate for the release of the benefits in a timely manner as car accident attorneys will be lobbying for the negotiations to be released as they are aware on how much you will need your benefits.

So if you got into a car accident, don’t just file the personal injury claims on your own. Have a car accident lawyer from Los Angeles do them for you! Contact the Los Angeles Car Accident Pros for assistance today!

Invest Your Money on the Right Financial Instrument!


Life insurances are one of the most important things that you should be investing your money on, whether you are a single individual who do not have dependents or a married person who has children whom you have to prepare for. It is true that no one can ever tell what the future holds, and we will never know when we will pass on which is why you have to be prepared in order for you to keep your family financially stable even when the time comes that you will no longer be able to provide after your passing.

Most individuals go for saving money in banks, but life insurances offer something more than just the savings you have. Life insurances are better than bank savings basically because they are tax exempt, which means that your loved one will not have income tax deductions, plus they do not have to worry about paying for estate taxes just to claim the benefits. This is the benefit that a lot of families appreciate. With a life insurance, an individual will have a lot of benefits, one of which is giving your families a source of income until such a time that they will be able to provide for themselves. Life insurance benefits can also be used as college fund for your children, and also, you can use the life insurances to pay up for your home mortgages. A lot of individuals have also used the life insurance benefits as startup capital for their businesses.

Getting a life insurance is a way to show that you truly love your family because you are finding a way to provide for them even when you are no longer physically around. Getting yourself insured also gives you the peace of mind that your family will be in good hands even when you unexpectedly die. Did you know that a life insurance can be helpful if you want to reestablish your financial standing? A life insurance can help in terms of adding a few points to your credit score which is a great thing if you are looking for a way to improve your credit standing. Plus you can also use your life insurance as additional requirements when applying for a loan!

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Immigration Documents and Lawyers


Immigration lawyers are the kind of lawyers that you may or may not know nothing about. These are very secretive people and they will only reveal themselves if the need arises. Case in point, if a business wants to expand his territory in other countries, they need to hire immigration lawyers to ease out the transition in a legal manner. If a tourist wants to stay in the country for an extended period, he or she can consult an immigration lawyer. If you’re going to have problems with immigration, these people can help you.

“Immigration lawyers are kind of like people who work behind the scenes.- Bob Schnide, IL,

I am an immigration lawyer and when I am not doing cases, I end up preparing immigration documents for clients. These documents range from passports to visas to business licenses. Immigration lawyers are kind of like people who work behind the scenes. We’re not an glorious bunch, nor do we value the spotlight. Rather, we produce results that our clients can be happy of. You don’t need to be a businessman who wants to expand his business to work with us. You can be a student who needs assistance with student visa or you can be an employee who wants to extend his or her work visa.