Obtaining Your Green Card Through a Family Member

Green Card Through a Family MemberObtaining your United States green card (permanent residence) through a family member is a multi-step process that requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. There are various categories of relatives that can petition for family members to obtain their green cards. For U.S. citizens who petition for immediate relatives to receive residence in the U.S., there is no waiting period before the immediate relatives are allowed to obtain their green cards. Under the immigration laws, immediate relatives are spouses of citizens, children (under 21 years of age and unmarried) of citizens, and parents of citizens 21 years of age or older.

For other categories of relatives, there are waiting periods before the relative is allowed to enter the U.S. These waiting periods are laid out in the Visa Bulletin, which is published monthly by the government. In order to be eligible to obtain a green card, a relative’s “priority date” (the date an immigration petition was filed for him or her) must be before or the same as the date listed for that category of immigrants on the visa bulletin. For some categories of immigrants, a relative will be required to wait years before he or she is eligible to obtain his or her green card.

What Do You Get From Getting a Life Insurance?

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During the past few years, the average number of people getting life insurance has gone up, which only means that people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of being financially prepared for whatever may happen in the future. This is exactly why more and more individuals come to Docktor’s Life Insurance in order to get the best life insurances that have good benefits. Though a lot of people are still doubtful about the benefits of the insurance, more and more people still get attracted to the benefits that they will get once they try out getting life insurance and here are some of those benefits: Life insurances basically are contracts where your family will get cash benefits when you pass on unexpectedly.

Getting life insurances has proven to be better than bank saving in the bank basically because they are not subject to taxes which means that your family will not get tax charges when they get the benefits. Also, life insurances are not subject to estate taxes and that only means that you’re family only needs to submit required paperwork in order to claim the benefits. Another good thing about life insurances is you have a lot of options to choose from and you can basically choose the options that will give you the highest benefits which will not cost you a lot of money. You can go for permanent life insurance or you can go term life insurance no medical exam options that will offer you more chances of saving money as term insurance is generally cheaper. There are also many ways you can get life insurance. There are options to get insured without medical exam as Docktor’s Insurance offers life insurance without medical exam in order to give the applicants less hassles in applying for life insurance. This way, the applicant will get insured in a short amount of time.

Lastly, since the benefits that you will get from life insurances are released in cash, your family can virtually use it in so many ways. It can be used as part of college funds, for completion of mortgage payments, for a startup capital of a small business and a means to support financial needs until such a time that your family can provide for their own needs. Getting insured is probably the best decision you will ever make! Contact Docktor’s Insurance today and find out how to apply for your own life insurance without a medical exam!

Choosing a Successful Mortgage Broker


Success as a mortgage broker is achievable. To learn, you have to assess other successful brokers. When you do this you will realize that there are common characteristics between several successful mortgage brokers. These characteristics are not genius and complicated as many people may tend to think. They are simple things that should not be overlooked. Never expect success to come from few sporadic activities that you will do in the course of your career. Success is mainly brought about by daily routine activities. When these activities are upheld success will surely follow. These activities will help a mortgage broker get the best commercial mortgages for their clients.

The following are the habits you should look for before you contact this Toronto mortgage broker.

  1. Time conscious

Time is a scarce resource. Time is also a very useful resource to a mortgage broker. A good mortgage broker will know how to use their time. A broker has to consider what offers are available while they are still considering if it is wise to accept the terms of a new deal. In order to value time, the first thing a mortgage broker has to assess is the possibility of winning a deal that a client is offering. The next thing the broker considers is the time the deal is going to take to get settled. These two considerations are important in saving time both for the broker and for the client. If the possibility of winning a certain deal that is offered is narrow, a good broker will not waste time on it. Deals that will take time to settle will waste time that can be used to settle other deals that will settle quickly.

  1. Working hard

To be successful in anything one has to work hard. This is the same case when it comes to brokers. They have to work daily in order to be successful. This enables them to be up to date with commercial mortgage rates. A broker who works hard is also well informed and will provide the client with good advice.

  1. Excited about their work

A person who is successful is in most cases excited about what he/she does. Mortgage brokers who are happy to be brokers have a high rate of success. They love the challenges involved in their work. Such brokers are likely to source good deals for clients.

Reasons for Refinancing Your Car Loan


Auto refinance seem to be a good idea when interests are low. This can save you money over the life of the loan. The application process for refinancing is a lot easier than mortgaging your house or consolidating your credit card debt and it is usually is faster. However good it sounds, refinancing is actually not for everyone. Before you do this for your vehicle, try and see if this is indeed the best option for you.


It makes sense to consider refinancing when interests have dropped. The economy could have gone better right after you purchased your car and the going interests rates have decreased. If this is a case, you can benefit from refinancing your auto loan as a lower percentage point can make a difference over the term of the loan.


It could also be a case of you not getting the best rate when you purchased your car. Not everyone is credit savvy and if you are a new car owner or if you did not really think things through before buying your car, you could have just easily said yes without looking at the prevailing market rates. Thus, you are tied to paying higher rates than everybody else. If you took out an auto car loan of $25,000 at 7.75% interest, refinancing it at one percentage lower for a term of four years can potentially save you up to $448. And if you can find a lower rate, you can even save as much as $1,200! It may not seem enough on a monthly basis but savings is still savings. It is worth doing if you want to improve your credit score. If you have been making default payments because of financial issues, reassessing your capacity to pay and getting a refinance with bad credit can significantly improve your credit score.


Another reason is the capacity to pay. If you took out another loan or if your monthly income is no longer enough to meet your daily needs, you might want to consider refinancing your loan so that you will have more money to work with on a regular basis.


You might also want to purchase your vehicle given that your lease is already expiring. Getting it refinanced will help you get some money back at the same time help you own your car. Valley Auto Loan provides great service for people who want to go into refinancing of bad credit auto loans. All applications are accepted and processed fast. The company has a network of lenders that provide competitive rates.